An Introduction

The international sign of the hot air balloon.
The international sign of the hot air balloon.

A few days ago I found myself excitedly (read: maniacally) explaining my latest pursuit to my three good friends, who nodded supportively but were a little frightened, I think.

I couldn’t really explain to them, to anyone, how exactly the ideas had come about. Perhaps they were set on timed-release, spaced out a little from last year’s Great Epiphany for everyone’s sake. Too many epiphanies in one year can tax the nerves. It’s possible that my recollection of the precise catalyst, like the memory of what I did last weekend, is now lost forever. But is that the important part? Probably not.

The important part – as one of my friends pointed out a few days ago – was that I had just distilled the path of my future. I had declared a plan: where I’m at, and where I’m going. That, dear reader, is a revelation.

It’s not a matter of starting at the beginning, because I’m not “nowhere” right now. That’s partly why this didn’t strike me as a revelation. I’m going into my fifth year as an official business owner and taking immense pleasure in every aspect of my work, from designing the jewelry, to talking to customers and analyzing sales data. Additionally, I’m an on-again off-again graphic and web design student, fortunate enough to already have some freelance work under my belt. And finally, I write in fits and starts, dreaming every day of someday being a published novelist.

The question was always: which one is it going to be? If pressed, I could put my pursuits in the order of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd… though I’d rather go with a 1st and two close 2nds… because maybe I’d find time to have one career and two career-hobbies, in addition to the less-formal hobbies that I hope to find more time for soon…

Now I remember what it was: I was trying to think of a name for my new business blog. The best title I could come up with didn’t really apply to my business (dernit! But it’s available and I like it!). It actually applied to me, as a person. It dawned on me that that was okay – because it was honest. Honestly, I don’t want to choose. I don’t want to move from one pursuit to the next, I don’t want to leave one of my favorites behind. I have three passions: business, design, and writing. All are in different stages of development, and none of them really need to compete. Together, they (will) complete my work, and they complete who I am.

So, there you go. Now you know what this is all about.

P.S. I plan to provide you with more pictures and less text in the future.


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